Vendor and buyer can do direct deal if they have the capacity to do so.

If user have no capacity to do direct deal, user can always seek Real Estate Agents services available  in the application too.


The application automatically matches your with the best option and saves your time and money.


This application is free to all general user and real esate agents.

The App: What is EmojitNow?

Want the quickest way to give feedback in the moment, on a business – be it a local shop, cafe, restaurant or other small business?

EmojitNow is a FREE app that enables everyone to instantly share their real-time feedback, quickly, easily and anonymously on the businesses that they visit, or use – so that they can use the feedback to keep improving. 

It uniquely combines emojis with a reason so users feedback not just what they felt but why they felt it, so people can give their true sentiment.

It can be positive or negative feedback – using the international language of emojis.  It’s all in one place in the mobile app, and it only takes moments to do. 

The key thing, is that the businesses receiving this feedback get instantly alerted to the feedback, so that they can act immediately.

Even better, the app collates the anonymous feedback so that the businesses get data-focused insight into what they they are doing well at, and what they can improve on.

EmojitNow is available on the App Store.

How it works


  1. Just type the name of the business you want to feedback on in the Search bar at the top of the screen – be it a shop, a cafe, a local restaurant, or any other business for that matter. 
  2. Choose from any of the 7 emojis – there are 3 positive and 4 negative that you can select from.
  3. Choose one of the listed reasons, for example Customer Service, Price, Selection, Value for money, Facilities, Food, Beverage, or Staff … but there is a list of 20 or so to choose from.
  4. And then press Submit It’s as quick and simple as that!

Why Agent NearBy

Reasons public should use this app

    • People with capacity can do direct deal without going through real estate agents.
    • People can engage real state agent’s services.
    • People can follow their favourite agents and explore their listing and news easily.
    • People can generate 1-page marketing brochure in PDF or Jpeg format for marketing purposes

Reasons Real Estate Agents should use this app

    • Agents can find buyer or seller directly on the application.
    • Agents can find represented buyer or seller from other real estate agents.
    • Application has incredible auto matching function that offer your listing a perfect match.

Key Features

  • It’s Mobile

    As it’s mobile, you can submit your Emojits in the moment, when it matters most.

  • It’s Instant

    It takes a matter of moments to submit your Emojit.

  • In One place

    You can submit all your feedback through this single app, instead of having to log into another site or wait for that online survey to arrive in your inbox.

  • On Anything

    You can feedback on any shop, restaurant or business – just type them into the search bar to give them your feedback

Use Cases

Here are just a couple of use cases for the EmojitNow app:

‘Shop name’, 🙁, Selection

‘A small business I have bought from’, 😍, Service

‘My local coffee shop’, 😂, Customer Service

‘My local high street’, 🤬, Parking

‘Fast food restaurant’, 🙂, Food & Beverage


For any business it’s also a great tool – especially for small businesses that may not yet be getting feedback their customers:

  • By promoting the free app you can ask your customers to give feedback on their experience with you.
  • You can then see how you are doing at a headline level in the app…
  • … and even better, for a low cost subscription you can get even more granular information to really see what you are doing well at, and what you could improve.
  • If you have any questions or want to promote the app, just contact us using the form below, or by emailing

Available on App Store

The app is available on iOS.  Please download the app now.


Screenshots and FAQs

How do I log in? When you first log in, we’ll send you a verification code to your phone so that you can start using the app.

Why do I have to log in to use the app? We need to verify that your mobile is the one actually using the app, but once you have logged in, we don’t use your number for anything else. Please see our Privacy Policy for further information.

What if I can’t find what I am looking for? Just type in what it is (e.g. your local coffee shop), select the emoji and the Reason and press EmojitNow.  We will review and approve as soon as possible – but we always aim to do this within 24hours.

Please note, we’ll only approve any request that relates to a someone genuinely in the public eye… as we absolutely DO NOT want this app to be in anyway be used as any form of cyber bullying. Our decision on what we accept or reject is at our discretion, and as a responsible user of our app, we trust that you understand why we need to do this – to safeguard us all.  If you have any concerns, contact us directly at

How many Emojis can I submit?   You can submit as many Emojits as you want – though only 1 per hour on exactly the same thing – i.e. the same Object, the same emoji with the same Reason once per hour, but you can always submit other Emojits by selecting other Objects, emojis or Reasons to Emojit about.

What do you do with my data? The only data we collect from you is your phone number for log in purposes, confirmation that you are over 17, your location (if you have selected to Location Services when you use the app) as this will make it quicker for us to find the thing that you want to Emojit about, and if you have accepted that we can send you in-app messages.

When you submit and Emojit, we will know where you are (subject to you agreeing at the log in stage for Location Services to be enabled), and what you have Emojit’d about. But we will NEVER use or publish your phone number on the app, or let anyone ever get your phone number, and certainly no one will contact you directly using your phone number. Please see the Privacy Policy for more information.



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